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Experience the transformational power of simplicity

let go of the clutter

create your personal style

slow down and live life

In the Beginners Guide to Minimalism, you'll find everything you need to know about minimalism, getting started with decluttering your home and schedule, and shifting your mindset.

This is a 70+ page PDf ebook
that will cover:

  • What minimalism is and what it isn’t

  • Decluttering your home

  • How to deal with sentimental items

  • Creating a minimalist wardrobe

  • Shifting into a minimalist mindset

  • And more!

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Amazing life changes are waiting for you, a better life is waiting for you,
and all you have to do is take baby steps to get there. 

What others are saying:

-- Sara H.

I first started this course because I wasn't too sure where to start with downsizing. I knew I needed change and this popped up on my Pinterest, super glad it did! This course has taught me step by step how to declutter from clothes, things, to thoughts and how to slow down.

Minimalism is more than just getting rid of stuff,  its a lifestyle change. It isn't minimizing who you are, it helps you become more of who you are without all the unnecessary stuff. 

The Beginner’s Guide to Minimalism is a clear roadmap on how to get there. You want to think about the stuff you're getting rid of and how to do so - what to do with sentimental things, what things should I get rid of verses what I need, this will help! Sometimes it's overwhelming if you do it too fast, with this you have a task or two each week and with my busy schedule, it's been perfect! 

If you are considering changing your life, I truly recommend this course! You will LOVE it!

-- Sara H.

Rebecca's casual style and simple strategies for getting the most out of life make you feel like you've got a new best friend – one who actually cares about helping you without stressing you out. 


-- Patty D.

I have found so much piece of mind from the beginner's course.

As a small business owner, I have struggled to find simplicity and a better way of living without the clutter.  The last couple of months I had researched the idea of minimalist living and knew that it was the right path for myself as a business owner and a home owner, who also struggles with anxiety when the "piles" get to be too much. 

I have enjoyed the concept of minimalism and the many facets that it influences my life, so much so, my kids have become excited with the idea that "less is more" and simple is always better.  Thank you so much for helping me be able to breathe again

-- Marianne B.