The Benefits of Having a Do Nothing Day


I love vacations.

But doesn't everyone?

They're kinda the best thing ever. And usually the very first day I'm back at work after a vacation, I'm already daydreaming and waiting for the next one.

And that's because, if I don't plan a vacation for myself, I usually end up running myself ragged with work and chores. Every weekend or random day off gets filled up with chores and errands and being an adult.

That's no good.

In order to get the self-care I need, I've decided that, since I can't take vacations as often as I'd like, I need to find another way to take a break during the week.

So I started scheduling myself a do-nothing day.

A do-nothing day. That sounds wonderful, doesn't it? Well, it is!

Basically a do-nothing day is a mini vacation just for you. You set aside a whole day, make sure everyone knows you won't be available, and spend the day doing whatever you want, whenever you want.

No chores, no obligations, no time commitment. You wake up without an alarm, and then just move through the day doing whatever you feel like doing.

Want to watch a movie at 11 am? Do it. Want to have lunch at 2? Do it. Nap at 3? Perfect.

There's no structure to the day, no to-do list. Just you taking care of yourself with whatever you feel your body and mind need.

I love having a do-nothing day. I try to schedule them once a week. 

(Sometimes more)

And not only are they wonderful and relaxing, but adding them to my weekly routine has been so beneficial. Here's why I think you should start having do nothing days too:

It's like a mini vacation

What's the best part about a vacation?

It's that you don't have any responsibilities or time obligations, right? You can just relax and do whatever you want, whenever you want.

So the idea of a do nothing day is like taking a mini, one-day vacation.

You get to wake up when you want to wake up, there's nothing on your to-do list, you can do anything. Or nothing at all. 

And that is freeing and utterly refreshing.

Lifts your mood and makes you happier

Who isn't happier knowing they have nothing they need to be doing?

I've found that, when I have a do-nothing day, I am so much happier in the days to follow. And I think the reason is that on a do-nothing day, I get to do whatever brings me joy.

If it makes me happy, I do it.

My do-nothing days are times when I can pursue the things I'm passionate about, like painting or writing.

Or spending all day snuggled up on the couch with my cats.

So obviously, spending time doing something you're passionate about is going to put you in a better mood.


Gives you time for self-care

I've said it so many times: self-care is so important!

But most of the time we're too busy and we often neglect taking care of ourselves the way we should. I am guilty of this all the time, though I'm trying hard to get better.

When I take a do-nothing day, I'm much more mindful about what I actually need to do for myself, because I don't have a list of errands or things to do. I'm able to be mindful of what my body is telling me.

And I actually have the time to practice the self-care I need.

Relieves stress

So I've already mentioned that on a do-nothing day, it's kinda like a mini vacation where you can do all the things that make you happy and take really good care of yourself. I think it's pretty obvious that it's going to be a fairly stress-free day.

But the effects of it last longer than the day!

I've noticed that even several days after I've had a do-nothing day, I'm so much more at ease than I normally am. I go back into work with a "no big deal, I've got this" attitude.

Nothing phases me.

You get to know yourself better

Often when I schedule a do-nothing day, I also plan to use that day to completely unplug.

And it is so wonderful!

Without so many distractions, and only doing the things you feel like doing, you are giving yourself room to get to know you better.

What I mean is, you have one day to do whatever you want, the things you pick are going to tell you a lot about what things you should incorporate into you every day to relax.

I absolutely love my do-nothing days. I wish it were a habit I'd adopted sooner!

If you haven't already schedule yourself one, do it now. Grab your calendar and circle a day. Tell everyone you'll be unavailable that day, and take time just for you.

Go ahead and try it out! Do you already plan do nothing days for yourself? Let me know how they've benefited your life in the comments below!

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