Minimalism Gave Me the Life of My Dreams

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When I started pursing minimalism almost three years ago, I thought I was just cleaning up my house a bit. Minimalism was just going to be a way to keep myself organized and less stressed.

But that's all that was going to change, right?

I couldn't see then what it really meant to create space in your life. And I didn't understand the beautiful possibilities that open up when you create that space.

I didn't realize minimalism was going to completely change the direction of my life.

Minimalism gave me the life of my dreams.

I made space and found myself in it

My early and mid twenties were a rough time for me.

Not because of anything I had going on, life was generally good to me, but because I was seriously struggling to figure out who I was or who I wanted to be.

I had no idea.

But, as is always the case, the people around me had plenty of ideas. And it didn't take long before I realized I was completely and totally confused.

Do I be who they think I am or should be? Or do I be who I am? But then, who even am I?

Minimalism saved me from all of that.

When you start being really intentional about what you bring and keep in your life, who you are naturally emerges from that. Your passions and what brings you joy naturally becomes your focus.

Minimalism helped me find myself. It helped me find my voice and my direction in life.

If I hadn't taken time to make the space, I think I would have been lost for quite some time. One thing is for sure, though, I wouldn't be who I am today without minimalism.

You can learn more about how minimalism helped me find myself here!


Minimalism as a catalyst 

Now, obviously, I don't need to tell you that minimalism is a life-changer. That kinda goes with the territory, doesn't it? 

Minimalism and the decluttering changed my home completely. And learning to let go and be intentional drastically shifted my mindset. 

But the changes went further than that.

Minimalism, and the mindset shifts that came with it, acted as a catalyst for so many more changes. 

It gave me confidence.

Being able to see such a huge transformation in my life so quickly empowered me. I started thinking to myself, if I can make that big of a change with such simple actions, I can make even bigger changes.

Taking control of that one aspect of my life, getting a handle on the clutter, gave me the confidence and courage to take control of other areas of my life. 

I get to decide my life

Minimalism showed me that, just like I get to choose what comes into my home, I get to choose what comes into my life. I get to decide what my life looks like. 

I have control over the direction of my life.

If I want the life of my dreams, I have the power to create it.

That is the power of minimalism. That's what minimalism taught me. The decluttering is only the beginning. 

Living an intentional life means that you have endless possibilities. Any life you want is available to you, because you become intentional about getting there.


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