Creating Your Miracle Morning

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Confession time: I'm not a morning person.

In a perfect world I would stay in bed most of the day and be comfy and warm with zero responsibilities.

Unfortunately, I'm not allowed to do that. I have to be an adult.


Waking up is hard. Especially when it's before 8am.

I can't tell you how many mornings, in a desperate attempt to get just a little more sleep, I've gotten up with just enough time to throw on clothes and makeup and fly out the door.

And usually on those kinds of mornings, I end up spilling my coffee, stubbing my toe, forgetting my lunch, all before spiraling out of control into a pit of despair.

I'm only a little dramatic.

The sad part is, I don't recover from that bad mood all day. Because I'm already, first thing in the morning, setting myself up to only see the negative stuff that happens throughout the day.

Attitude is important. But so is setting up your morning to be relaxing and energizing. Which will help you get in a positive mindset right from the start.

I call this a Miracle Morning, because it sets you up for having a great day. When I have a good morning, I also have a good rest of the day.

Your miracle morning can just be a list of positive habits you'd like to instill. Do as many or as few as you need, or whatever you have time for.

Creating a miracle morning isn't meant to be another thing to stress over. It's meant to take the stress out of your morning.

Creating Your Miracle Morning

Remember, you miracle morning is all the things you'd like to do in the morning. It's not a rigid schedule that you have to keep.

First, you're going to think to yourself "what would the most perfect, stress-free morning look like?"

Write down those things.

You don't have to, and probably won't, do all those things every morning. Life doesn't always allow for that. But even doing some of the things will make your day so much better.

If you're having trouble deciding what morning habits you should build into your miracle morning, I've put together a list of my favorite things to do (or not do) to help have a more relaxing, positive morning experience.

practice yoga or Meditation

Really, though. I can't say enough times how beneficial it is to meditate in the morning.

Meditating and grounding yourself first thing in the morning is going to help put you in the right state of mind to face the rest of the day. Imagine going into the day already focused and having a clear mind.

That's what meditation helps you with.  

I also highly recommend pairing your mediation with yoga. 

If you're not into yoga, any kind of exercise or stretching will do. Just something to get you moving.

Any kind of stretching or exercise is a great way to wake up and put yourself in a better mood right away. And think of how awesome you'll feel later knowing I've already worked out today.

It's a good feeling. And helps you feel super productive.

Brain dump

Doing a brain dump is my favorite way to clear out some headspace.

I absolutely love having a brain dump in the morning. Because it helps to set the direction of my day. And it's easy!

Grab your journal or a piece of paper, and write down everything on your mind.


It might be things to do, random ideas, worries, things you'd like to eat, coffee you want to try....  Write down everything in your head.

That's it! (kinda)

Now that it's all written out, you can start dealing with those thoughts.

Put the action items on a to-do list, pray about the worries, and save the random ideas for later. 

Once you have all your action items together on a to-do list, you can prioritize them and start getting things done.

I like to pick just one or two things to focus on. Anything else is if I have time.

If you have a planner, that is a great place to write down your brain dump. That way, you always know where your to-do list is, your random thoughts, everything. It's all in the same place. 


Eat breakfast/Enjoy your coffee

This is important. Enjoy your coffee.

And when I say enjoy your coffee, I mean actually sit down and do only that

No phone, no distractions. Take time for you.

Just sit and sip your coffee, eat your breakfast, really enjoy and savor the moment. Because mornings can be hectic and busy, taking a few minutes to slow down can really make a difference.

If you're like me and end up gulping down your coffee while you're trying to get dressed or do your hair, you may need to rearrange your morning a little bit.

I changed things up and started having my coffee first thing. That way I always knew I had time for it and to just sit around enjoying it. 

Make coffee (and breakfast) a priority.

prepare for the morning the night before

OK, so this isn't actually something you do in the morning, but it has the biggest impact on how smoothly your morning goes.

The most relaxing mornings always start with some prep-work the night before.

If you're not spending time trying to figure out what to wear or pack lunches, then you'll have more time for those miracle morning habits. Makes sense, right?

I take about 10 - 15 minutes each night before bed to lay out my clothes for the next day, make sure I have a lunch packed and ready to go, and I set my work bag by the door with everything I need in it.

It's little things, but it makes a huge difference.

In the morning, I'm not wondering what to wear, I just put on the clothes I already laid out. There's no worrying about lunch, just grab it and go. And everything else I need is by the door, ready to go.

Do something you enjoy

This can be anything

For me, my something I enjoy is writing or doodling in my planner. I love planners. Writing in them is fun for me, and extremely relaxing.

Maybe your thing you enjoy is coloring a picture, or playing a quick game or planning something, or having a dance party!

(I actually have dance parties sometimes while I'm getting ready. I love it!)

Anything simple you can do in the morning that you really enjoy, something that will make you happy, do that.

Listen to music while you get ready

This makes it a thousand times easier to have a dance party.

Dancing without music is hard.

Listening to music can be a huge mood booster. And that's what this miracle morning is about! We want to make sure you're in a great mood to have a great day.

Now preferably you'll put on some relaxing, non-depressing music to put you in a good mood, but hey, I'm not here to judge your taste in music.

Listen to whatever makes you happy.


Leave the News off

I know many of you are probably News watchers in the morning.

Stop it. 

There was a time in my life when I was too. I'd get up, turn on the news, and listen/watch while I got ready.

But let's be for real, sometimes (all the time) the news is depressing. Sometimes it even makes us angry.

There's nothing wrong with wanting to be in the know, but do you really want the first things you see and hear in the morning to be things that make you sad or upset?

If you really can't go the morning without checking the news, try waiting until after breakfast and coffee and some other things before you read up on the headlines.

Fill up your head with good things first.

If you just turn the news on for background noise in the morning, then that music suggestion will really come in handy for you. 

Wake up 15 minutes earlier.

This is a big one.

If you want to have time for your miracle morning or add a few new habits into your routine, you're going to need to wake up earlier.

Even waking up 15 minutes earlier can make a huge difference.

That's 15 minutes to be able to sit and enjoy your coffee. 15 minute to actually make breakfast. Or maybe that 15 minutes will be to do something you really enjoy.

And remember, as you switch up your mornings, start small.

You don't need to completely overhaul your wake up routine. Add or change just one thing and see how it transforms your mornings.

As it becomes more of a habit, you can add or change more things, getting you closer and closer to your miracle morning. And you'll learn to love mornings.

You may even become a morning person.

Do you already have a morning routine? What is your favorite part of the morning?

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