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The past six weeks have been absolutely overwhelming. I've barely had a chance to even sit down.

Or breathe.

Needless to say, I am exhausted.

Through a series of absolutely unbelievable circumstances, the Mountain Man and I were able to move back to his home town and I was able to put in my two weeks notice at my day job.

When I found out we'd be moving I was so excited and really couldn't wait to get packing.

And I was so sure that this would be the easiest move either of us would ever make, since I've been downsizing for the past two years.

I was so wrong... well, partly.

Moving helps you see how much you really have

This was the easiest move, but I still wouldn't by any means call it an easy move.

Despite my efforts to get down to only owning necessities, there was still so much stuff! After filling my 10th box, I was ready to just give everything away and start over later.

Looking back though, I know it wasn't as bad as it could have been.

If I hadn't been consistently ridding my home of clutter, we would have had at least 3 times as much stuff.

That is a scary thought!

Through the packing process, we were able to fill several boxes of things we no longer needed (or wanted). But I still found myself quickly overwhelmed by the amount of stuff we had to move.

Sometimes unpacking is worse than packing

When we finally got everything moved into our new home, I was faced with another mountain of a task: I had to unpack and find new "homes" for all our belongings.

Now, part of that process is fairly easy. Kitchen things go in the kitchen, bathroom things go in the bathroom... Some stuff is obvious.

But other things weren't so simple.

There were several pieces of furniture that were old and falling apart, so we had decided not to bring them along with us.

While that didn't seem like such a big deal when we were moving (it actually made moving so much easier), it presented a problem when we got moved in. Items that used to "live" in those shelves and cabinets now didn't have anywhere to go.

To be really honest, I still have a good number of boxes that still haven't been unpacked.

Normally, if I had packed boxes and then didn't need any of those items or remember what's in the boxes, I would make an effort to get rid of them. But I do know what's in the boxes and I do pull things out constantly just to put them back.

Living out of boxes isn't fun. And by your second month in a house it is absolutely infuriating.


Moving into a bigger home isn't always bad

Our move this summer actually gave us an extra 800 square feet. 

I know!! That is so much extra room!

At first, I wasn't thrilled about moving to a bigger home. my opinion is typically "smaller is better." But after being here and settling in, I'm very happy with the decision.

Tiny houses aren't for everyone. 

As much as I think I'd love a tiny home, I know I wouldn't love not having my own space. I need a certain amount of time to myself to be a properly functioning introvert.

There is also something I really love about open areas, especially in a home.

One of the drawbacks of living in a bigger home is usually that we find ourselves trying to fill the available space. The result is too much stuff and lots of clutter.

But! If you can resist the urge to fill every corner and still live with only your necessities, the result is a beautiful open and spacious home.

We still have the same amount of furniture that we had in our old home. Everything is just more spread out.

All that to say, having a larger home isn't inherently bad or anti-minimalist. A larger home wasn't our goal, but it's what we ended up with. And that's ok. 

(And I LOVE having room for my mini-dance parties!)

There's always room for improvement

The biggest thing I learned from this experience is that there is always room for improvement.

We downsized a lot in the past two years, and even got rid of a good bit during the move. But we still had enough possessions to make the moving process really, really frustrating.

Would it have been possible to have fewer things? Probably. Did we keep more than what we actually need? Very likely. Will we downsize more in the future? 100% yes!

But our needs will also change. We'll get rid of more things, but we'll also probably acquire some things, too.

There is no right or wrong way to move forward. What's important is that we keep learning and making progress on our journey, that we remember things are just things.

If anything, the struggle of moving even after decluttering has taught me to be even more mindful of what I allow into my home.

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