The Power of Positive Affirmations

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Positive affirmations have become such a huge part of my life.

Happy and uplifting phrases fill my journal and planner. I tell myself good thing every morning as I look into the mirror. I recite my affirmation as I meditate.

I say positive things to myself all the time.

And I feel ridiculous doing it.

Why we resist positive affirmations

I know, putting up post-it notes all over your mirror or repeating "it's going to be ok" to yourself all through the morning feels silly.

Sometimes it might even feel like you're lying to yourself. 

It might feel like you're not actually taking your fears and insecurities seriously.

But that's exactly the point. 

It's going to be difficult to get into the positive affirmation thing because our fears and insecurities are going to make us feel ridiculous. 

Our ego is going to lie to us and tell us that the positive truths we're speaking into our lives aren't actually true.

Don't listen to ego. Ego is a jerk. 

But ego is also trying to keep you safe in your comfort zone. 

When you start speaking positive truths into your life, things change. Amazing things happen to you. The things you speak start to manifest in your life. And then nothing is the same.

It's an exciting but completely terrifying experience. 

Your ego knows this, and wants to keep you where you are, safe and small.

But when change is exactly what you're longing for, when you are determined to create a new life for yourself, that is when you need positive affirmations the most.

The power of our thoughts

Our thoughts are powerful! 

The things we think are what shape our reality.

When you choose to focus on the good, on everyday miracles, and on love, you're aligning yourself with those things. 

When you dwell on the positive, you are allowing yourself to be on that same wavelength, and you'll instantly be in tune to the positive and good things happening around you.

When you think it and believe it, you start to see it.

The same is true if you choose to dwell on the negative and on hate. When you align yourself and your thoughts with those emotions, that's what you're going to see in your life.

A simple shift from negative to positive thoughts can literally change your entire perception of life.

What you think is what you see.

And what you see shapes how you live your life.

So let yourself think positive thoughts.


The power of spoken word

Thinking positive thoughts have the power to shape how you see and experience the world around you. But speaking positive things has the power to create what you experience.

Spoken word has the power to manifest the good things you've been thinking.

Before you brush this off as some out-there woo-woo idea, consider that the power of spoken word has never been a secret.

The idea that words can create our reality has been around for centuries.

Since the beginning of time, really.

Whatever religious or spiritual practice you align yourself with, you'll find the power of spoken word everywhere. 

God spoke the universe into existence, and everything in it. And He created us in His image, giving us the power to create and speak things into existence. 

Magicians, sorcerers and mystics have always had magic words, spells, and incantations that allow them to manifest whatever they're trying to create.

And there are countless other examples. 

Words are powerful.

And they can be used to create.

That is not a secret.

But we so often forget the truth of that.

It's time to step up and reclaim that power. We have authority over our lives, and we can speak into existence whatever we want our lives to be.

And that is the power of positive affirmations. 

The things we speak are what we create in our lives.

So I want to challenge you to speak good things into your life. When you wake up in the morning, speak out loud the good you'll encounter through the day. Speak truth into your life about who you are and who you'll become. 

Speak the change you wish to see in yourself and your life.

Speak it out loud and confidently.

And then see how quickly it starts manifesting itself.

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