How To Raise Your Vibration and Get Yourself Out Of A Funk

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As a highly sensitive person and empath, my emotions can get overwhelming fast. And often, the change in moods can creep up on me.

You ever have those feels?

Over the past six or so months, I’ve mostly stayed in a place of peaceful and positive vibes. Really, I’ve been in a great place emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Everything has been absolutely fantastic.

But then recently I’ve found myself in a funk.

Total downward spiral, actually.

I didn’t want to do anything. I didn’t want to talk to anyone. And everything just felt like too much. I’ve spent weeks just sitting around my house and binge watching Netflix.

But, since I’ve spent a lifetime battling extreme highs and lows when it comes to my emotional state, I’ve learned quite a few tricks to get myself out of a funk.

So here are some of my favorite ways to raise my vibration (or rather, raise my frequency), get out of my funky mood, and get back to manifesting good things and getting stuff done.

Retreat to your sacred space

When I get stressed out or frustrated or just feelings meh, I always go hide in my sacred space, which is my home office. Sitting at my desk is where I feel comfortable and safe.

And that’s what you want in a sacred space.

Your sacred space should be a place where you feel comfortable and at peace and safe. It should be a place where you’re surrounded by things that bring you joy and lift your spirit.

I’ve found that because I’ve so sensitive to energies (empath here!), I often quickly pick up the vibes from the things around me. My sacred space (my desk and home office) is filled with high vibe items, so when I’m feeling low I can soak up all that good energy and get back to feeling awesome.

Journal it out

Whenever you find yourself being in a consistently bad or apathetic mood, it can because you’re holding on to negative thoughts, emotions, or energies.

Those negative thoughts and emotions, because they’re low vibe, are going to keep bringing you down the longer you continue to hold on to them. So let them go!

Journaling is a great way to let those energies out.

You don’t even need a dedicated journal or anything. Just some scrap papers will do. Anything you can use to write on.

Spend some time meditating and clearing your mind. Ask yourself “What am I holding on to? What negative emotions do I need to release?”

Then just write.

Let the words flow out. Don’t sensor yourself. Don’t overthink it. Just write whatever comes to mind and see what comes up for you.

I’ve found with exercises like this that it’s easier for me to do my journaling on the computer. Because the words and thoughts are coming out much faster than my hands can physically write, it’s a lot easier for me to type it out and I don’t feel like I’m getting in the way of my “flow.”

If that makes sense.

Whatever method works best for you, writing or typing, spend time journaling it out and explore what’s really going on and what’s really at the center of your funk.

Honor Your Cycle

There is a cycle and a rhythm to our lives and feelings and emotions. And as you come to recognize the cycles in your life, the easier it becomes to navigate the changes in your emotions and how you feel.

The moon has a huge impact on the rhythms of our daily lives. Taking notice of the moon phase can give you big insights.

Read more about the meanings of the moon phases

For example, many times when I feel sluggish and unmotivated it’s in the days before a new moon, the Balsamic Moon. According to the moon cycle, those days are meant for turning inward, slowing down, and self care.

So no wonder I feel like I just want to rest!

The ebb and flow of energies during the moon cycle can also be found in the different seasons. The energy of autumn is different than the energy of springtime.

Pay attention to what cycles are happening around you. You may very well realize that they’re being reflected in your own actions and emotions.


Get Outside

There is something truly magical about being in nature.

When you spend time outside, you’re allowing yourself to get quiet, relax, and connect with something bigger than yourself.

Spending time outside isn’t just relaxing. When I walk through the woods by my home or meditate in my yard, I’m allowing myself to connect with the world around me, I’m allowing myself to be grounded to the earth beneath me.

And the result is a soothing and intense clarity.

Whatever has been bothering me or bringing me down floats away the longer I am in nature.

Being outside and walking around is also a great way to get your body moving. As you walk and move around, you’re also moving and shifting your energy.


Being creative a great way to express and release emotions.

And before you say you’re not creative, let me give you something to think about.

Creating can be anything. You create when you cook, when you sing or speak, when you draw or paint, when you decorate, when you tell a story or spend time with your family.

You are creating all the the time.

And that’s because you are a creator.

You are meant to create. That is part of your divine nature. We are all born creators. That is part of who we are on a very deep and spiritual level.

The process of creating, whether it’s drawing, painting, cooking, crafting, singing, or whatever, it brings us back to ourselves. Creating brings us back to who we are.

Becoming grounded in who you are is, in my experience, the key to getting out of a funk. And being aligned with what lights you up is the best way to raise your vibration.

Don’t beat yourself up

Remember, love, it’s ok to feel your feelings and be down for a while. It’s ok to not be super motivated to get things done.

Everything comes in a cycle, so it’s natural to have times when you need to rest.

Just don’t beat yourself up about it.

I know sometimes when we get down or don’t feel like doing anything, we start to feel guilty for not getting more done. We feel guilty for not wanting to be around people or have fun.

We feel guilty for not being happy.

But the more you beat yourself up the farther you’re going to fall into that negative space.

There’s nothing wrong with being in a low place. I believe you are always exactly where you need to be. This funk is a way of bringing certain feelings and emotions to your attention. It could be negative emotions you need to let go of. Or it could be that you’ve been neglecting to take care of yourself.

This funk you’re in is for a reason. Learn from it.

Let yourself feel your feelings. Acknowledge where you are. And then be gentle with yourself as your journey back to good feelings.

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