Quick and Easy Ways to Practice Self-Care

It's really hard to find time for yourself.

Practicing self-care sometimes gets a bad rep as being selfish. So, at least for me, it ends up getting pushed to the bottom of my to-do list. Everything else comes first.

And even though I do my best to keep my days empty and slow, sometimes my schedule gets away from me.

Busy can creep up on you out of nowhere.

And on those busy days it is so difficult to put down the to-do list and do something just for me. The end of the to-do list never comes, and I end up in bed, exhausted, and well on my way to being sick.

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The Unexpected Side Effects of Minimalism

When I started pursuing minimalism a few years ago, I had some ideas of what I thought it would do to my life. I had done my research.

I'd spent weeks pouring over pictures of beautifully white and bare homes. Everything was so clean, so bright. That's what my life was going to look like. Minimalism, I thought, was the magic pill that would turn my home into a magazine spread.

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Little ways to reduce stress in your life

Stress is unavoidable. That's a sad truth of life. And even though we know that some stress can be good for us, too much stress is bad. I'm prone to getting stressed out easily. I used to just hope that eventually the stress would go away on it's own, that everything would magically get better. But that doesn't happen. If we want less stress in our lives, we need to take action. Fortunately, there are lots of simple things we can do differently each day to lower our stress levels.

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Simple Ways to Unwind

I used to be terrible at relaxing.

(TBH, I still am)

Like, the literal worst.

I would have weeks at a time with non-stop deadlines, extra work projects, and constant nagging from my cats (who seem to think that a half empty dish means they're starving).

And still, after long, frustrating days, I would have absolutely zero motivation to take any time for myself. 

There was always more to do.

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Creating Your Miracle Morning

Attitude is important. But so is setting up your morning to be relaxing and energizing. Which will help you get in a positive mindset right from the start.

I call this a Miracle Morning, because it sets you up for having a great day. When I have a good morning, I also have a good rest of the day.

Your miracle morning can just be a list of positive habits you'd like to instill. Do as many or as few as you need, or whatever you have time for.

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