How I Simplified My Meal Planning

I'm just going to come right out and say it: Food is hard.

At least for me it is.

It never mattered how much I simplified or how many improvements I made to myself or my life, when it came to food I was always such a mess. 

Grocery shopping was a nightmare. I didn't know what to buy, couldn't put together a meal to save my life, and I would typically leave the store with crackers, peanuts, and various cheeses.... and that was it. Well, maybe a vegetable if I was feeling particularly healthy that week.

And don't even get me started on the 2 full months I ate nothing but potato chips, sweettarts and  soda...

When I got married it got even worse. I mean, how am I supposed to feed another person when I can barely feed myself?

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4 Tips to Help You Achieve Your Goals

One thing you need to know about me: I love setting goals.

Seriously, it might be one of my favorite things.

I love having something to work towards. And when I can cross a bunch of items off a checklist? Oh man, that is the best feeling, I absolutely love it.

Unfortunately, I also love setting big goals. And most of the time, they are completely unrealistic ones.

So, as much as I love setting goals, it always takes a good bit extra work to actually achieve them.

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6 Simple Ways to Stay Motivated

Recently I found myself in a rut. I was getting nothing done. Absolutely nothing. My house became a disaster area, my pile of to-do lists went untouched, and I spent most of my time staring at Netflix for hours... Not actually watching anything, though. It takes me half of forever to actually find something I want to watch. And usually by the time I think I've found something, it's gotten too late and I'd rather just go to bed. As you can tell, I live quite the exciting life.

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Staying Productive: The Power Hour Method

I am not good at being productive. Sure, there are days when I get tons of stuff done, but most of the time I fall into the time-sucking trap that is Netflix. I am a sucker for Netflix binges. But it's not just that. The second I get home from work and sit down, any and all motivation I had to do anything disappears. After a few days of not getting anything done at home, I typically find myself being completely overwhelmed by my constantly growing to-do list. At that point, there's only one way I can get myself motivated to do anything: the power hour.

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Simple Ways to Practice Minimalism at Work

Minimalism is easy. Well, the concept of practicing minimalism at home is. You can toss whatever you don't need or even whatever you just don't like anymore. Everything is up to you. They're your things and therefore can do whatever you want with them. Easy. The tricky part is that the more you tidy up at home, the more your minimalist mindset it going to overflow into your time at work. Unfortunately, minimalism doesn't work quite the same way at the office. You can't just toss everything out and start over. Paperwork needs to be kept. Files need to be saved. In my case, example crafts need to be kept and elaborate program decorations and supplies need to be stored.

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Easy Ways to Deal with Digital Clutter

You've embraced minimalism. You've spent time decluttering your physical possessions and focusing on what things you want to allow in your life. So now what? What's the next step? Well, there are lots of possible next steps, but today we'll take a look at digital clutter. It can be difficult to even think of digital clutter as an issue. It doesn't take up any space like our physical possessions do, you can't see it piling up when you walk into your home. It's easy to overlook. But dealing with your digital clutter can be just as important as dealing with the physical clutter.

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Creating Your Miracle Morning

Attitude is important. But so is setting up your morning to be relaxing and energizing. Which will help you get in a positive mindset right from the start.

I call this a Miracle Morning, because it sets you up for having a great day. When I have a good morning, I also have a good rest of the day.

Your miracle morning can just be a list of positive habits you'd like to instill. Do as many or as few as you need, or whatever you have time for.

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A Simpler Cleaning Schedule

We've all been there.

The house is a mess and the thought of spending a whole day cleaning (because you'll need a whole day) is overwhelming.

The laundry is overflowing, dishes are piled in the sink, the floors haven't been swept in who knows how long. Everything is a disaster.

The house and clutter can get out of hand in a hurry. I used to live like that all the time. I'd avoid cleaning or doing chores until my house was a disaster. I'd spend about 4-5 hours on a Saturday morning getting it mostly clean, then be so exhausted that I would avoid all cleaning for another couple weeks until the disaster returned.

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