How to Shop Like a Minimalist

I love to shop.

I love trying on new clothes and bringing home new things to decorate my house. I absolutely love working on my space, trying to make it "perfect."

So how does this fit together with my quest towards minimalism? Not well.

I've been working hard to change the way I think about shopping. My shopping habits and my mindset have gone through a major overhaul as part of my minimalist journey.

It hasn't been easy, though.

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If You Don't Love It, Don't Buy It

Being a minimalist, I think long and hard before I make any kind of purchase. Shopping is a chore for that very reason. But I also love clothes. So sometimes it's hard to keep things in balance. I have a one in, one out rule for my closet. That means for every new item I add to my wardrobe, one of my existing items needs to be donated or trashed. And since I already LOVE everything in my closet, I have to be really, really sure about any new item I buy.

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How Minimalism Helped Me Find Myself

It almost seems like such a weird thing to say, but pursuing minimalism helped me find myself. What does that even mean, am I right? Shouldn't I already know who I am? Unfortunately, as many of us know, finding ourselves is a lot trickier than it should be. 

Over the years,  I had acquired so many things. Things that society told me I should have. Clothes that other people told me I should own. I even listed to music and watched tv shows that other people told me I should like.

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How to Create a Capsule Wardrobe

I have always been fascinated by capsule wardrobes. How could someone have so few clothes but still be so well dressed?

It was a mystery.

But, to be fair, it was a mystery to me how anyone could dress so well.

My wardrobe was a hot mess. Before I found minimalism, I had no real sense of style. Every time I'd step into a store, I'd be all over the place with my clothing choices.

Maybe I'm this person? Could I pull off this style? What's even "in" right now?

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