The Full Wolf Moon in Leo

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Have you looked at the moon lately?

It doesn’t matter what phase the moon is in, I always think it’s beautiful.

The moon cycle is a reflection of the cycles that occur in our own lives. It reminds us when to work hard, when to slow down, when to celebrate. And while each phase brings it’s own themes that repeat throughout the year, each lunar cycle also brings it’s own unique outlook.

There are so many things that come together for each unique moon phase. And there is a lot we can learn and take away from that.

We begin our calendar year, and end our lunar year, with the Wolf Moon in January.

The Wolf Moon

Each moon in the lunar year has a specific name, sometimes several names, that define it and the themes it brings into our lives.

The January moon was named the Wolf Moon by North American indigenous tribes for the howling of the gathering wolf packs. This time of year we are in the coldest part of winter,

The Wolf Moon brings a theme of protection.

This season is a great time to do the tasks that keep your family safe, like checking smoke alarms, getting the car brakes checked, etc. You may even find you have a natural heightened sense of protection during this time.

But as you look out for those around you, make sure you’re being protective of yourself, too. Protect your time and energy. Be protective of your desires and dreams.

The Full Moon Celebration

The full moon is a powerful and beautiful part of the lunar cycle. At the full moon, we are seeing the fruits of our labors, the culmination of our intentions, and we are reaping the benefits.

It’s a time of celebration.

Look back at everything you’ve accomplished. Find joy in that. Take a moment to celebrate how far you’ve come, and let that be encouragement to keep moving forward.

But the full moon also signals a shift. As we enter the last half of the lunar cycle, we begin to slow down, to turn inward, and reflect.

It's a time of release. With the full moon we let go of the things that no longer serve us so we can move forward into a new cycle untethered to the past. We shed the habits and limiting thoughts that in any way hold us back.

Release it all.

As you celebrate this moon phase, take some time to reflect on your accomplishments. Acknowledge everything you’ve done. But also reflect on your journey and take notice of what hasn’t been working. Identify what you need to release.

Journal it out. Write everything that doesn’t serve you on a piece of paper. Even if it’s just one thing, write it down.

When you’ve made your list of what no longer serves you, say a prayer and release it. Give it up to God or the universe. Set it free.

You can burn or tear up the paper to represent this release.

The Moon in Leo

This January full moon brings with it the playful and creative energy of Leo.

Tap into this energy by chasing after the things that light you up. Do the things that bring you joy. Whatever it is you’re passionate about, focus your attention there.

The spirit of Leo is also brave (think lions) and loves attention.

That means this is your time to be brave and step up.

Use your gifts and talents, your passions, and let yourself be in the spotlight. Be center stage of your own life. Shine bright and share your gifts with the world around you.

The energy of this full moon is also going to inspire you to move. Take action. Create forward momentum as you pursue your passions. But create that movement in your body as well.

Let loose. Dance. Celebrate. Don’t keep still. Keep the creative energy flowing by moving your body.

Pursue your passions - Lead in love

This full moon in Leo is a powerful one. It reminds us of where our priorities are, of what we’re passionate about. And it spurs us to chase after those dreams and desires. It encourages us to step up, speak from the heart, and shine in the spotlight.

Release the things that no longer serve you, and also the things that prevent you from serving. Release the fear, the insecurities, and the past hurts.

Let go of everything holding you back from chasing your passions.

And as you rise up to use your voice and share your gifts, I encourage you to lead in love.

Use your creativity and your passions, use your gifts to make an impact for love in this world. Be brave and lead a movement that changes the lives of those around you. Let the forward momentum created by this moon in Leo lead you to spark change in this world, one of love and light.

This is your time. Step up. Use your voice.

You have something important to give this world. And it’s time you chase after that.


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