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Emily Freed Herself from the Clutter!

I started the 30 Days to Minimalism course sort of half-heartedly. There was no way minimalism could be for me. I loved my stuff too much. But with every new email in my inbox, Rebecca helped me understand that I was DROWNING in my stuff and didn't actually get to enjoy any of it. We have been going through a major decluttering process since then. In fact, we now have enough clear surfaces that I actually DECORATED!

-- Emily S.

Amanda is staying balanced

Rebecca’s blog, particularly the post on how minimalism helped her find herself, speaks to me!! It changed my thinking entirely. I find myself re reading that post anytime I need to rebalance life. And now, her book is guiding me on the path to my best life! I can’t recommend her enough!!!!

-- Amanda G. 

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Patty is making big life changes

Rebecca's courses and blogs helped me to realize the life I was living wasn't the life I wanted. She gave me the courage to leave my corporate job and create a life I love -- one that's stress-free, purposeful, and fulfilling.

-- Patty D.

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