You are magic. And you are powerful. You get to choose the life you live. And the woman you’ve always wanted to be is already inside you.

You just have to let her out.

Feel like you’re meant for more?

You know you’re meant for something more, but you have no idea what that something more is.


You don't feel confident in who you are.


“Finding yourself” feels like an abstract concept that will never happen, so you use everyone else’s definitions of who you are.


You're struggling to find direction in your life.


You’re unhappy with who you are, or you're frustrated at not knowing who you are. But you long to be someone different.


The answer isn’t in changing who you are. Reinventing yourself isn’t about becoming someone you weren’t before.

Reinventing yourself is about stripping away the negativity and transforming yourself into who you’re truly meant to be.

The answer is to be more authentically yourself.

In this 5 day training you’ll. . .


Discover your why behind reinventing

What limiting beliefs and negative energies are you trying to get rid of? What part of yourself are you trying to hide?


Learn to use the moon as a guide

The moon cycle can be a powerful guide as you transform yourself from the inside out. And I’ll show you how!

Find freedom to be more of who you are

Dig deep and discover everything that’s beautiful about you. Learn to let that shine and find freedom.

embark on a journey of healing

Stripping away the past will show you what negative emotions and pains you need to heal and forgive.

Your inner self is waiting to be set free.
Are you ready to be yourself?

So, who the heck am I?

Hello, love! I’m Rebecca, a highly sensitive, highly intuitive, coffee-addicted empath who wants nothing more than to curl up with my kitties and a good book. And I believe whole-heartedly that magic exists!

I’ve been on my journey to simplicity for 3 years now and have learned that it’s about way more than just getting rid of stuff. My path has led me to a place of radical self-love and a fulfilling spiritual practice.

Which has led me here, on a mission to help you become the best version of yourself and live your best life - one free of stress, clutter, and self-doubt.

Because you deserve that life!

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When I was in my early 20s, I had no idea what I wanted. I didn’t know what I was passionate about. I didn’t have any clear picture of what I wanted from life.

I didn’t know who I was.

I just had a vague goal of wanting to be happy and fulfilled with no actual idea of what that looked like. It took me several years to finally get things figured out and start creating the life I wanted. It took me years to figure out who I was and be comfortable in my own skin.

But I wish it hadn’t taken that long. I wish someone had been there to show me the way. And that’s what i want to do for you, my friend.

Now is the time to be truly yourself