Life After Decluttering Ebook

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Life After Decluttering Ebook


Life After Decluttering is your guide to shifting your mindset, creating a vision and purpose for your life, creating routines you love, and so much more!

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"No doubt that by now, you’ve heard of minimalism. Well, obviously you have if you’re reading this ebook. Minimalism has hugely grown in popularity in the recent years. 

But you may be wondering, what is minimalism really? Is it just another trend?

So often when we think of minimalism, the first, and sometimes only, thing that comes to mind is decluttering. There are dozens of methods out there for helping you get rid of just about everything you own. So, naturally, we get the sense that minimalism means living in a sparsely decorated home, and everything you own is black and white. 

And then, of course, we think of the beautifully instagrammed images of a minimalist life. 

But there’s a problem here. That view of minimalism doesn’t show the whole picture. Minimalism isn’t a destination to be arrived at. It isn’t all about the decluttering or physical possessions. It isn’t about the size of your house or what colors you wear. Minimalism isn’t even about things at all. 

Minimalism is a mindset. It is a tool to help you on your journey towards an intentional life."